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Friends, my name is Rahul. My height is 5 feet 7 inches. The size of my penis is 7 inches and the thickness of my penis becomes 3 inches thick after erection. I am also good looking. I also do gym so my body also looks attractive.

My sister-in-law’s name is Sonam. My sister-in-law is a very sexy 29 year old woman. Her figure is 34-32-36. My sister-in-law looks so hot that just seeing her makes boys’ dicks go crazy for them.

Now in such a situation, there was a lot of difficulty in bathing and washing. With so many people around, even taking a bath had become like winning a battle.

One day the room downstairs was not empty at all so I was not able to take a bath.

My sister-in-law’s room was on the third floor. There was no one in his room at that time. I told my sister-in-law = My room is not vacant. Can I take a bath in your room?
She said- Yes, take a bath. But hurry up a bit because I also have to take a bath.
I said- Okay sister-in-law.

Then I took my clothes and went to her room. As soon as I started taking off my clothes, my girlfriend’s call came.

I went to the balcony and started talking. 20 minutes passed while I talked to him. In the meanwhile sister-in-law might have arrived. She must have noticed that I was not in the room and thinking that maybe I had gone, she started taking bath inside the bathroom.

After the call ended, I also took off my clothes and went inside. I was also thinking that there was no one in the room. Then my eyes fell on sister-in-law’s panty. My penis got erect after seeing her panty. I picked up sister-in-law’s panty and started masturbating my penis while inhaling her fragrance.

After masturbating I headed towards the bathroom. Perhaps unknowingly the sister-in-law had not closed the bathroom door. She must be thinking that there is no one in the room. I also thought that there was no one in the bathroom. So I opened the door.

Sister-in-law was taking bath inside. Sister-in-law was naked in front of me. My eyes widened after seeing her big and fat ass. My penis suddenly became tight. When sister-in-law turned, my eyes fell on her wet breasts and wet sexy naked pussy.

I kept looking at my sister-in-law with my mouth wide open.
While hiding her breasts, she also tried to cover her naked pussy with her hand but everything was still visible.
She said- What are you doing here?

Then her eyes fell on my erect penis and she shouted – Shameless, step back.
Saying this he closed the door.

I went out, wore my underwear and sat on the bed.

When she came out of the bath after 10 minutes, she was only in petticoat. I was looking down in shame.
Seeing me, Sonam Bhabhi said – Now you have seen everything. Why are you feeling shy now?

I got up and started going to take bath.
Then she said laughingly – Yours is bigger than your brother.
I smiled at his words and went to take bath.

Going inside, I kept the door slightly open and started peeping outside. Sister-in-law was wearing her clothes. She was completely naked. But perhaps they had become suspicious of me. Without turning around she said – Come out and take a good look.

Then I closed the door and started taking bath. After five minutes, when I took bath, I opened the door and saw that sister-in-law was sitting wearing a saree.

I said- Sister-in-law, give me my pants.
She said- Come here and wear it. Your clothes will get wet there.

I came out and started wearing pants.

My penis was still tense. In fact, to be honest, I had not sat down since seeing the naked sister-in-law.
She said- Do you stand like this all the time? I have seen you many times. When you wear lower it looks clearly.

I said- Now what is my fault in this, sister-in-law?
She said- It is my fault. He keeps standing like this just looking at me.
I said- Then you please tell me the treatment also, sister-in-law!

Slowly I moved closer to sister-in-law. I was about to put my penis in her hand when my sister came there.
She said- Sister-in-law, come down, everyone is asking about you.
Then sister left.

While leaving, sister-in-law said – Son, get better.
Saying this, sister-in-law went down.

I also wore my clothes and came out. After 2 days my sister got married. Everyone went to their respective homes.

After marriage, brother also started going to job. I started going to my college. The next day I returned home from college and there were only my sister-in-law and mother at home. Mother was in her room and sister-in-law was doing some work in the kitchen.

Looking at sister-in-law’s ass, I felt like grabbing her and fucking her right now, but somehow I stopped myself.
Then I went to the kitchen to drink water.

Seeing me, sister-in-law started smiling and asking – have you come?
I said- Yes sister-in-law, did you have some work?
She said- The work is yours only.

I understood his signal. She was giving me clear lines. I stood behind her and held her in my arms. My penis was about to enter sister-in-law’s ass.

On this she got angry and said – Are you mad? What if someone sees it?
Then I turned back.

She said- Didn’t you find any treatment for this?
I said – When the cure is available at home, then why should I go outside to search for it?

Just then mother came into the kitchen. Then I went to my room.

After two days there was some function at sister’s in-laws house. Everyone started going there. My sister-in-law and I were at home. I had an exam and mother told my sister-in-law that Rahul had a paper, so you should also stay here. There will be no problem in eating it.

After everyone left, I went to my room to study. Sister-in-law and I were alone in the house. Thinking this, I was not able to concentrate on studies. I started getting bored with the books and came down.

When I came down, I saw that sister-in-law was working in the kitchen. I came from behind and caught him. She didn’t say anything so my courage increased and I started pressing sister-in-law’s boobs.

She said- Will you let me cook once?
I said- Okay.

Then I held her hand and placed it on my penis. My penis was erect.
I said- Sister-in-law, please treat him.
Sister-in-law said- Okay, I will see.

I became happy and went to the market and bought some roses. I decorated my room a little. After that, after having food, I started watching TV downstairs.

After some time, sister-in-law also came and sat next to me.
I said – Sister-in-law, don’t sit, do some treatment for this tool of mine.
She said laughingly – Right here?

I said- No, come to my room. I have decorated my room like a wedding night for you.
She started asking- Really?
I said- If you don’t believe then come and see.

Then I started carrying her in my lap towards my room. My penis was already erect which was pricking her waist.
She said- It seems that today you will take away my life.
I said- Why sister-in-law?

She said- This weapon of yours never stays down. Always remains on top. If he doesn’t sit, I will die having to endure this all night.
I said- No sister-in-law, today I will love you more than brother. Will give you a lot of happiness.

We reached the room. I took sister-in-law inside and switched on the light of the room. Sister-in-law was stunned to see my room.
She said- Today you will definitely leave after celebrating the wedding night with me.

Meanwhile I locked the room from inside. I took sister-in-law in my arms. Started kissing her.

After kissing for some time, I started opening her saree. I took off her saree and started kissing her entire body.

Sonam Bhabhi started getting hot. Intoxication started appearing on his face. Then I also opened her blouse and petticoat. She was standing in front of my eyes only in bra and panty.

She was looking very sexy. Seeing the sexy sister-in-law, my penis was shaking so hard that it started hurting. Now even I was finding it difficult to wait even for a moment.

Now I started opening sister-in-law’s bra also.
She said- When will you free your cannon, brother-in-law?
I said- Take it my love, I will do it right now.

When I started opening the zip of my pants, sister-in-law held my hand and said let me do it.
Sitting on her knees, she started opening my pants. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down and my penis was in front of her eyes, raised like a cannon in my underwear.

Sister-in-law kissed my penis over my underwear.
I enjoyed it so much, what can I tell you?
Sister-in-law took out her tongue and started licking the top of my penis.

Then sister-in-law pulled my underwear and my penis touched her mouth.
Looking at my penis with surprise she said – Hi… does anyone have one that is this big?
Saying this, sister-in-law took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop.

After sucking my penis with full enjoyment for 10 minutes, I lost control. I released my semen in sister-in-law’s mouth.

Sonam Bhabhi drank all the juice from my penis inside. Now I made her lie on the bed. By removing her bra and panty she made her completely naked.

I placed my lips on sister-in-law’s sexy naked pussy and kissed her hot naked pussy. Then I put my tongue in sister-in-law’s pussy and started licking and sucking her pussy in fun.

After licking the naked pussy for some time, I got up and brought chocolate. I started applying chocolate on her pussy.
Sister-in-law said- Wow son! You are definitely a player. This much I know that you are not doing all this for the first time.

I said – No sister-in-law, really, this is my first time.
She said- Come on, don’t teach me. Well what should I take whether it is the first time or not. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Having a lot of fun.

I applied chocolate on Sonam Bhabhi’s pussy and started licking her pussy. Within a short time, she became so hot that she couldn’t control herself and she also released her pussy juice into my mouth, which I drank all of it.

After cleaning Bhabhi’s pussy by licking it, I got up and placed my penis on Bhabhi’s mouth.
I said- Now fill my weapon with enthusiasm too, my hot sister-in-law.

She took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. Within two minutes my penis became erect again. I was also playing with her boobs by teasing them.
Then sister-in-law said- Just don’t torment me anymore. Now my sexy pussy also needs your cock. Quickly put your cock in my pussy.

I started applying condom on the penis.
Sister-in-law stopped my hand and said – There is no need for this. I will take the pill. But I want to get fucked by your cock without condom.

After that I applied oil on my penis. I placed my penis on her sexy naked pussy and started inserting it inside. But the penis was bigger than brother’s so it was not able to go inside. Then I gave a sharp push and half of my penis entered the naked pussy.

Sister-in-law screamed as soon as the penis entered.

But I lay down on her and started sucking her lips while pressing her boobs. After some time she became normal.

I gave another push and inserted the entire penis into sister-in-law’s naked pussy.

She felt pain again but now she tolerated it. Now I slowly started pushing my penis into my sister-in-law’s sexy naked pussy.
Sister-in-law started moaning – Ahhh… I am enjoying it a lot. Even your brother’s penis cannot give as much pleasure as you are giving. Ahhh…fuck me my king, give my pussy the real pleasure of cock.

The whole room was echoing with the sensual moans and voices of the sister-in-law. Then I increased the speed of fucking my sexy naked pussy and I started fucking Bhabhi’s pussy with full enthusiasm. Sister-in-law got excited and orgasmed twice during this sex.

This fucking continued for twenty minutes and then my semen was about to come out. I took out my penis and put it in sister-in-law’s mouth. She started sucking my penis.

I released all my semen into sister-in-law’s mouth. Then we both lay down on the bed.
She said- What happened? Will you not fuck your sister-in-law’s ass?

By mistake it came out of my mouth – I have never even fucked my girlfriend’s ass.
She said- See… I already knew that this is not your first time and you were fooling me that you are not having an affair with anyone?

She said- Well let it go, I was also looking for a strong man. Very few men have a penis like yours. I don’t have that much fun with your brother. For the first time after marriage, I have enjoyed getting my pussy fucked so much.

I said- Okay, then today I will fulfill my dream of fucking sister-in-law’s ass.
After that both of us came into 69 position. Sister-in-law started sucking my penis and I started licking sister-in-law’s pussy.

Sister-in-law was sucking the penis in a very cool way.
I said- Sister-in-law, you suck cock very well.
She said- Why? Doesn’t your girlfriend suck?

I said- No sister-in-law, she plays a lot. That’s why I like having sex with married girls and women. All boys like married women more.

My penis was completely erect. I asked sister-in-law to take position. She became a mare and I put my penis on sister-in-law’s ass.
She said – My child, first apply some oil and lubricate your penis and my hole? Otherwise your penis will peel off.

I applied oil on my penis and applied oil on sister-in-law’s ass. After that I placed my penis on her ass hole and started inserting it. The penis did not enter. I held Bhabhi’s ass tightly and inserted my penis inside with full force.

Sister-in-law started screaming – No… no… Ieeee… uff… no… leave it. Yours is very big. It is not being taken from me.
But I did not listen to sister-in-law. I gave another strong push and inserted my entire penis into sister-in-law’s ass.

She started crying.
I said- Please sister-in-law. Bear with it a little.
After two minutes she became a little normal. After that, I started moving my penis in and out of sister-in-law’s ass.

Gradually sister-in-law also started enjoying getting her ass fucked. Then she started making loud sensual sounds.
The whole room echoed with sister-in-law’s moans – Ahhh… Fuck Rahul, tear my ass apart today. I am getting a lot of pleasure in my ass with your cock. Ahhh… keep fucking my ass like this.

I fucked sister-in-law’s ass for 10 minutes and then I also ejaculated in her ass. We both got tired and lay down next to each other. After that I fell asleep.

I don’t know for how long I kept sleeping. My eyes opened only in the morning. Then after waking up in the morning, we both started kissing again. I cleaned sister-in-law’s body completely by licking. After that we both took bath together.

After that, sister-in-law came out and held my penis and said – This is a very useful thing! There was such a strong dick in my own house and I didn’t even know it. Now I will take it into my pussy as soon as I get a chance.
I said- Of course sister-in-law. The man is at your service.

From that day onwards the game of sex started between sister-in-law and me. We both enjoy sex whenever we get a chance.

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