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I met Riya on Facebook. We both met by commenting on a sexy post. Slowly we both started talking.

After talking for a long time, a strong friendship had developed between us. One day he asked me for my photo. I gave him my picture and asked him for his picture.

He also sent it.

Seeing his picture, both heart and mind tingled.
Man, what a wonderful thing she was!

Her figure was 36-30-38. Full breasts, voluptuous neck, fleshy and full thighs like a banana stem. Fair complexion like butter. Uff… my penis got erect as soon as I saw her youth.

I started praising her after seeing her picture. As all girls like to hear their praise, Riya too was overjoyed.

She thanked me and wrote – I am not as beautiful as you are praising.
I told him – Yes, it is true, how can a blooming rose praise itself… its fragrance alone tells people what I am.

He quipped on my statement – Hmm…means I am the thing!
I laughed and said – If while praising the rose flower I have called it a thing then why are you taking it for yourself?

So she said – Meaning I am not anything… I am something else… Tell me what am I?
I said- You are a beautiful fairy.
She said- No, you are twisting it… tell me whatever came to your mind after seeing me.

I wrote in a hurry that now how can I write to you Maal… Maal eats up just seeing anyone walking on the road… You are my friend.
She started laughing and said – I just wanted to hear whether I look good.
I said- Goods are identified by feeling.
She started laughing – It means you want to grope me.

Now the matter was becoming so frank, so I asked to meet her.

She said- What will you do together?
I said- I will check the goods.
She said- How will you check?
I wrote- groping.

Riya- Why will you search?
I understood and wrote that I have an eight-inch tool and will check with it.
He wrote- Oh my God… it is an eight inch tool!

I laughed- Yes. And that too is a gym owner’s tool… it will penetrate properly and check.
She said – Manoj, after seeing your gym body, I also feel like meeting you to cool my fire. But friend, you live in Noida and I live in Allahabad.
I told him – Friend, you are ready… I will come to you in Allahabad.

But at that time she did not agree.

Now both of us started talking about sex openly. She started showing me her milky pussy even on video call and I also enjoyed showing her my penis.

We both started having sex through phone sex and we both started masturbating to cool each other down.

One day a message came from her and she said – I am coming to Lucknow after three days. I can meet you at the airport.

I left for Lucknow after three days. She met me at the airport.

Riya was looking amazing in red saree and deep neck blouse. She was wearing light makeup. Looking at her lips painted with red lipstick, I felt like I should fuck her right here… but it was the airport… how could I fuck her. Somehow controlled myself.

We both hugged each other. We hugged each other tightly and held each other in our arms.

I said – The tool is ready…to check.
She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said – So will you fuck me here, my love?

We both laughed a little and took a cab to the hotel. At the hotel, we completed the formalities at the reception and entered our room.

As soon as I entered the room, I took her in my arms and removed her hair and bit her shoulder. He heaved a sigh.

She turned towards me and started sucking my lips. It seemed as if Riya was going to eat my lips today.

My hands were passing through her waist and measuring the roundness of her buttocks. I was pressing her ass tightly.

After five minutes she released me from her lips. I could clearly see the thirst for me in his eyes.

I pushed her and made her fall on the bed and started taking off my clothes. She was looking at me smiling.
As soon as I started taking off my underwear, she stopped me and took it off herself with her hands.

Now she made me sit on the bed and said – My love Manoj, now see what real heaven is.

While kissing my penis, she moved her tongue on it. Ah, I felt as if I had come to heaven. My hands went into her hair and started caressing her hair. Her tongue was showing its magic on my penis.

Suddenly she took the entire penis in her mouth and started sucking it. Besides, she was also caressing my penis and its glans with her hands. She was squeezing my balls with her fingers and sucking the entire penis till her throat.

After sucking the penis for a while, I felt that I would not be able to stop myself anymore.
So I told her- My juice is about to come.
She said- Come… I want to drink the milk.

She started sucking the penis with more speed while moving her head back and forth. I was unable to control myself and she also agreed. I filled all the juice of my penis in her mouth. She heaved a sigh and drank all the juice.

Then she stood up and licked her lips with her tongue in front of me and said – How did you like it, my king?

A smile full of lust appeared on my face and I said – Bitch, you are more fun than expected!

She said- Where are you now my love, the whole night is still left.

I pulled her towards me and started sucking her lips and pressing her breasts.

She was having fun and enjoyment with her eyes closed. Besides, Riya was also sighing deeply, which was making me more excited.

Now I took off her blouse, she was in my favorite red colored bra. I caught her 36 size breasts with both my hands over her bra and started pressing them.

She smiled and opened her bra with her hands.

Uff… what breasts she had… milky white breasts… and on top of that, those brownish hard orange nipples…

I couldn’t control myself and filled one of her breasts in my mouth. With one hand he was pressing her other breast and with the other hand he opened her petticoat and put his hand inside her panty and started caressing her pussy.

She had gone mad. While biting her nipples, I started moving my fingers in and out of her pussy. She was enjoying sex with me while being extremely intoxicated.

Now I moved towards her waist and started biting her navel with my teeth while moving my tongue on it. I was drowning in the sound of her intoxicating moans.

She was caressing my head and I was sucking her navel with my tongue. Meanwhile, I took off her panty.

Then I came between her legs and looked at her. Her eyes were closed…the thirst of lust was clearly visible on her innocent face. The sound of long breaths was coming from his lips.

What a wonderful sight that was!

I kissed her pussy and took the entire pussy in my mouth and started sucking it. She had opened her legs. I was biting and sucking her in between.

The noise of Riya’s moans was continuously increasing. Her legs had held my head. Just sucked the pussy for a little more time and she started going crazy.

As soon as I felt her stiff and stiff body, I separated myself from her and rubbed my penis and inserted it into her pussy.

A loud sigh came out of her mouth and she raised her legs in the air and opened them completely. At the same time he held me in his arms.

We both had become one. I took her lips in mine and started thrusting my penis into her pussy while sucking.

She was pushing from below with every thrust of mine. It seemed as if the entire room was filled with the noise of our breathing and intoxicating voices.
We wanted to drown in each other. With every thrust, a sigh would come out of her mouth and the grip of her legs on my waist would increase.

Now the pace of both of us was increasing and then we both came together till the end. There was relief on both of our faces. I gave a kiss on her innocent face.

She hugged me and said – Thank you Manoj, you really gave me a lot of fun. My king, from today onwards Riya is yours. Whenever you want, insert your penis into her pussy.

We both enjoyed having sex thrice that night and went our separate ways in the morning.

It’s been a year since this happened. And we have met at least six times.

Live life your way, live according to your wishes. There is a lot of tension in life.

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