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My name is Rahul and I am from Palwal, Haryana. I am 20 years old and my penis is of good big size.

My aunt is 36 years old. She is slightly dark looking, but very cool to look at. Seeing her big ass and big breasts, anyone can go crazy to fuck her. Same situation happened with me also. It was my good fortune that my dream came true this Holi.

It so happened that on the day of Holi, I had gone to my maternal uncle’s house. When I went there and saw, aunty was alone in the house. When I asked, aunt told me that uncle has gone to Delhi. He will come only by tomorrow.

I was very happy to hear that I got a chance to be alone with my aunt.

But I pretended – So what will I do by staying alone, I will also leave.
So aunt started saying – Why am I here, you won’t play Holi with me? And right now I am all alone… so I am getting bored too. I will also feel good if you stay here.

After that I went out of the house for a walk. After some time, when I went home, I saw that my aunt was getting ready to play Holi.

Aunty was wearing only petticoat at this time. I was astonished to see her big ass and big breasts visible through her tight petticoat and my penis became erect.

When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I went straight to the bathroom and remembering aunty’s sexy body, I started shaking my penis in my hand and masturbating.

I was masturbating thinking about aunty’s tight breasts, I was enjoying it a lot. Within five minutes, semen came out of my penis. After that I came out.

Aunt said- Come, I am ready.
I asked- where to go?

Aunt told about the Holi program in the colony.

I looked at him and smiled.

Aunt asked- What happened? Why are you smiling?
I said- Nothing aunty, these clothes of yours are looking great on you.
Aunt laughed and said – Hey, these are old clothes… I am wearing them so that the color does not get spoiled. You are a little picky, maybe that’s why you are saying so.
I said- No aunty, these clothes look brand new.

Aunt started laughing. Then both of us went to the program to be held in the colony.

Holi was being played a lot there. There was color all around. I also applied a lot of color to my aunt. While applying color to her, my hands were feeling the softness of her cheeks.
On the other hand, one of her friends pushed me while teasing me, and my hands touched my aunt’s breasts. I felt embarrassed and separated from them. Aunt also applied a lot of color to me.

After this, there was also arrangement for Bhang… so everyone drank Thandai to their heart’s content and became happy. Aunt also drank four glasses of thandai. After this dancing and singing started. Aunty danced a lot there, all the women there were dancing together. It was a lot of fun, then we both came home.

Aunt was very tired because of dancing. As soon as she came, she lay down on the floor. He was also addicted to cannabis. After some time, aunty got up and went to the bathroom and came out after some time.

As soon as I saw my aunt, I understood that she had taken off her bra and panty and had come out. Because she had taken off all the clothes that were discolored and had put a T-shirt over a new petticoat. Now she was wearing a T-shirt without a bra and a petticoat underneath.

My penis had become erect just by watching my aunt’s dance. At this time, my condition became worse after seeing my aunt’s moving breasts in T-shirt without bra.

Aunt was also laughing a lot under the influence of cannabis.

I said- Aunty has got on you.
Aunt asked- Has she climbed?
I said- same.
Aunt said- Who is that? Who pushed you on me?

I understood that aunty is great. I said- Does she climb on you?
Aunt started laughing.

I asked- Tell me aunty, who climbs on you?
Aunt said- Your uncle climbs.

Me: Why do they climb, aunty?
Aunty started laughing loudly and said – Don’t you know why your uncle climbs on me?
I provoked her – No, uncle, I don’t know… you tell me… why does uncle climb on you and how does he climb?
Aunt said- Let’s eat food first… I am feeling very hungry.

I also thought that aunty was in a mood today. Let me see how far we can reach a solution.

Then after having food we went to rest. Aunt had licked the lemon, so that the intoxication of cannabis would reduce a bit.

We both came to aunty’s room. By now it was twelve o’clock, but I could not sleep. At around one o’clock I saw that aunt had fallen asleep, she was also very tired. Only fucking my aunt’s pussy was going on in my mind.

When I went near my aunt and placed my hand on her breasts, there was no movement from her side. I started caressing aunt’s breasts with my hands. There was still no movement, so I understood that aunty had fallen into deep sleep.

After that, I placed both my hands on aunty’s breasts and started massaging them.

Aunt did not move at all. I lifted up her T-shirt and took out one of her breasts. Boba was very nice. There was a big light brown nipple on her milk. I touched her nipples with my tongue. Despite all this, aunty was lying unconscious.

Here I was feeling bad. Since I was also under the influence of cannabis, I was also having fun. I lifted her T-shirt completely and took out both her breasts.

Now I was pressing both the breasts of aunt together and sucking both her nipples one by one. After some time, the ghost of lust had taken over my mind.

Then I started lifting aunty’s petticoat with one hand. I pulled the petticoat up to aunty’s waist. Aunty was not wearing underwear inside. Her clean pussy was looking very beautiful to me. When I placed my hand on her velvety pussy, my condition became even worse.

Now I could no longer control myself and I took off all my clothes and separated my aunt’s legs and placed my mouth on her pussy.

As soon as I moved my tongue on aunty’s pussy, I felt as if I had moved my tongue on a hot pan. It also tasted very good.

On the other hand, aunt also stirred once due to the touch of the tongue, but I remained engaged in my work. Juice had started coming out from her pussy, so I understood that aunt was also enjoying with her eyes closed. I kept applying it and kept moving my tongue on her pussy with pleasure.

After a few moments, aunt also started moaning lightly. I understood that now aunty has also started enjoying. But perhaps aunty did not know that I was licking her pussy.

Within a short time, aunty’s pussy had released a lot of juice and her pussy had become completely wet.

After this I couldn’t control myself anymore. I placed my penis on the mouth of aunt’s pussy.

Once I looked at her, aunty had her eyes closed. She was probably thinking of me as her uncle.

But when I inserted my penis inside her pussy in one stroke, aunt understood that I was not uncle. Because my penis was deeply stuck in her pussy. Aunty screamed due to the thickness of the penis. When she opened her eyes she found me mounted on her pussy.

Aunty’s ass burst after seeing me. Aunty started trying to get out from under me. But I was just going to insert my penis into her pussy. Tears started coming from his eyes.

Due to her struggling, I was not able to hold aunt under me. She got up and sat separately. Then aunt also slapped me on my cheek.

Aunty was crying and saying to me – What were you doing, you bastard? I am your aunt.
I was shaking my penis in my hand. I said- I was loving you aunty.
Aunty looked at my long thick penis and said – Have you gone mad?
I also said that yes, the intoxication of your pussy has made me crazy, aunty. Look how stiff my penis has become in your memory.

Saying this, I started shaking my penis in front of her. Aunty was only looking at my penis.

Aunt hurriedly adjusted her clothes… but her petticoat was still a little higher. Due to this, I could only see my aunt’s pussy. Aunty was now silent and was not saying anything.

I moved forward and placed one of my hands on aunt’s pussy over her petticoat. Aunt shuddered and removed my hand. She lay down on the bed with her back towards me, so I understood what aunty wanted. She wants to get fucked by my penis, but is shy.

I hugged her from behind and sat close to her. Aunt did not oppose me. My naked penis had hit the middle of aunt’s thick ass. I took my hand forward and placed it on aunty’s breasts, then aunty removed the hand. I started rubbing my naked penis into aunty’s naked ass. When aunty opened her legs a little, my penis entered the crack. I started moving my penis back and forth.

After some time aunt also started enjoying. Now I again took one of my hands forward and placed it on aunt’s breasts. This time aunty did not remove my hand.

I was rubbing my penis in her ass. Moans were now coming out of aunty’s mouth. Then I turned aunt’s face towards me and started kissing her. After a moment or two, aunt also started supporting me.

Aunty was now rubbing her own ass. I made aunt straight and climbed on her. Aunt also took me under her wing. Both of us were kissing wildly. Aunt was also supporting me fully.

After some time, I moved away from her and placed myself next to her and placed my penis near aunty’s mouth.

Aunty first got scared after seeing my huge penis and said that it is very big… I can’t take it… It has already torn my pussy. I will be in a lot of pain.

I said that nothing will happen… everything will happen smoothly.

She still started refusing, but I did not agree and put my penis in aunty’s mouth. Aunty started moving her tongue on the head of the penis. She enjoyed it so she took the penis in her mouth and started sucking it with pleasure.

Within some time, aunty was sucking my penis very fast by moving it back and forth in her mouth. Perhaps their thinking was that just by sucking the penis, my semen would come out and they would be saved from getting fucked. But today I had to tear both my aunt’s pussy and ass.

After about ten minutes of sucking, water came out from my penis. Aunt drank all my water. I lay down nearby.

Aunt thought that she was saved from getting fucked. Aunt fixed her clothes and lay down with her ass towards me.

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