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This erotic story is from last year. When I went to my aunt’s house after Holi to spend a few days. Shortly after I went there, my aunt’s friend Gudiya Aunty came. Gudiya aunt lived next door to my aunt.

When my eyes met his, I smiled slightly. In response to my smile, Gudiya Bua also gave a naughty smile. I immediately understood that Gudiya Bua is a wonderful girl.

We talked like this for some time… after that she went away looking at me with slant eyes.

Met again in the evening. At that time my aunt got up and went inside for some work. So I talked to Gudiya Bua with a little double meaning, taking full advantage of which she was also replying to me.

During a private conversation, I felt as if Gudiya Bua was giving me lines. Gudiya Bua had shown me with her bold behavior that she is ready to get fucked by me. Thoughts of fucking Gudiya Bua also started coming in my mind.

Anyway, Gudiya Bua was a very sexy woman, the sight of whom would have made even the best men’s penises erect.

The next day in the afternoon, my aunt and I went to his house. A conversation started between my aunt and Gudiya aunt and I sat there and started fondling her breasts.

Gudiya aunty was looking very beautiful in saree blouse. Her 36 size firm breasts peeking out from her deep neck blouse were looking very beautiful. Seeing this, lust started brimming in my eyes.

Seeing my hungry eyes, Gudiya Bua also lowered her lap a little, due to which the depth of her breasts started exciting me even more. My penis had started swelling and I started caressing it while avoiding my aunt’s eyes. Which Gudiya Bua was watching carefully.

When I asked her about the bathroom, Gudiya Bua herself got up and came inside with me and said softly to me – Go inside and vacate.

When I looked at him… his killer smile started troubling me.

I said- Are you asking to vacate?
She laughed and went away with her ass.
While leaving, it came out of his mouth – I have been asked to vacate the stick.

I understood that Gudiya Bua was telling me to masturbate.

After that Gudiya aunt asked us to leave after having food, but my aunt refused.

Aunt said- We have already cooked food in our house… it will spoil.
On this Gudiya aunty said – Okay, don’t eat… but let Ayush stay here. He will eat food here.

My aunt also said yes to this and she left.

At that time only both of us were left in his house. Gudiya aunt’s children had gone to school and her husband was away somewhere.

After my aunt left, we both started having a normal conversation. After that non-veg conversations also started. Because she was sitting in front of me, Gudiya Bua’s breasts were erect in front of me. Whom I was palming in between. Because of this my penis had become erect again.

Gudiya Bua had also noticed my erect penis. To excite the penis further, Gudiya Bua had slightly moved her pallu down. Now the cleavage of her breasts was clearly visible to me. This was a green signal for me, signaling me to come and rub my breasts and fuck me. This also gave me courage.

After that, I rubbed my foot on aunt’s foot while winking, due to which she looked at me and smiled.

This smile of aunt was an invitation for me to have sex. I realized that the iron is hot…it must be struck.

Now I got up from my chair and went behind her chair and held both her breasts from behind with my strong hands and pressed them hard, due to which a sigh came out of aunt’s mouth.

Aunt said- Do it slowly… even if you press it with such force… will you pull it out?

I laughed and kissed his cheek. Aunt also pulled me forward and herself got up from the chair and made me sit and sat on my lap.

After this I placed my lips on her juicy lips and started sucking aunt’s lips. Gudiya Bua also started sucking my lips as if she was already ready to get fucked.

When I pressed Gudiya Bua’s breasts. So I understood that aunt’s breasts were very soft and juicy.

While kissing Gudiya Bua, I put my hand inside her blouse and started pressing one of her breasts. She was also having fun. I kept pressing her breasts and sucking her lips. In which Gudiya Bua was also supporting me a lot.

After sucking aunt’s lips and massaging her breasts for five minutes, I picked her up and took her inside the bedroom. Inside, I made aunt fall on the bed and locked the door from inside the room.

Gudiya Bua was looking at me with such lustful eyes… as if a prostitute was calling her customer to come pounce on me.

Now I went near her and started opening the buttons of her blouse. After the blouse, I also opened Gudiya Bua’s bra and freed her pigeons.

First of all, I started sucking the nipple of one breast of aunt and started pressing the other breast hard with my hand.

Gudiya aunty started saying β€˜ah… uff… ah..’. Due to this my excitement also started increasing. Sometimes I would suck one of her breasts and then squeeze the other breast. Just like that, I sucked and massaged Gudiya Bua’s both breasts one after the other.

Aunt had also become very hot.

Sometimes I would start sucking aunt’s lips… then she would also put her tongue in my lips and start sucking me.

After that, while licking, I came on Gudiya Bua’s stomach, then came till the navel. I moved my tongue and licked Gudiya Bua’s navel… then she got excited.

While licking her deep navel, I slid the middle finger of one hand into aunt’s pussy. Aunt’s pussy was completely wet. My finger in her pussy got completely drenched with lust… which I took out and licked with my tongue.

While licking the finger, I looked towards my beloved, and aunt also gave a naughty smile.

Gudiya Bua opened her legs and said with eye signals – Yes, now lick my pussy also like this.

After this, I opened her saree and petticoat and made her completely naked. When aunt became completely naked in front of me, I was very surprised to see her white pussy. I was not able to control myself. There were small, soft silky hairs on aunt’s pussy… which looked as if aunt had cleaned them only two days ago.

Gudiya Bua’s pussy was very juicy, pink and sensual. I opened her legs and pounced on her swollen pussy.

Aunt also started emitting sensual sighs and moans.

While fingering aunt’s pussy, I started licking the cracks of her pussy. Sometimes I was scratching the pussy with one finger, and sometimes I started moving two fingers in and out. While licking the pussy, I was also licking the hardened clitoris of aunt’s pussy and was molesting it.

Gudiya Bua was enjoying by saying loudly β€˜Ah ah ah ah ah..’. And she was saying – Ah, lick my pussy loudly, my king… loudly ah ah ah…

After that, within some time aunt’s pussy released water. I licked all the juice and filled it in my mouth and started making her lips suck the juice of my mouth. Both of us were mixing our saliva with pussy juice and giving it to each other.

I was having a lot of fun licking the mixture of aunt’s saliva and her pussy’s juice.

After some time, I inserted my 7 inch penis into Gudiya Bua’s mouth. Which aunty started sucking like a lollipop in a very sensual manner. Gudiya aunty seemed to be very expert in sucking cocks and was sucking the cocks very well. She was taking the penis in her throat till the very root.

My penis had already ejaculated once after going to the bathroom, so it was not going to ejaculate soon. The penis had become very hard by now. I took out my penis from aunt’s mouth and started inserting it into her pussy.

Aunt also opened her pussy and placed the penis in the mouth of her pussy with her hand. As soon as the penis was set, I gave a strong blow. Due to my strong jerk, my penis entered Gudiya Bua’s pussy till its roots in one go.

Due to the sudden shock, a loud sigh came out of aunt’s mouth. This sound appeared to be a mixed sound of pain and joy.

As soon as I inserted my penis into Gudiya Bua’s pussy, I started my shots. Aunt was also giving full support by raising her waist. Her ass was rising all the way up to swallow my entire penis into her pussy. Even now Gudiya Bua’s pussy seemed very tight to me. Aunty was getting complete heavenly pleasure while getting fucked by my penis.

The whole room echoed with their erotic voices and the sounds of my cock and pussy. I also started giving strong shots and she was also swallowing my penis by raising her ass.

Gudiya aunty was saying – Ah my king… fuck me harder my king. Ahh fuck me hard my king… I am so thirsty. Quench all my thirst, my king… Drink all my juice, my king.

Gudiya Bua had already ejaculated twice due to vigorous sex.

When I was about to ejaculate, I asked – where should I ejaculate?
Aunt said – Just drop it in my pussy. I want to enjoy your hot semen in my pussy.

With eight to ten strong strokes, I spilled all my semen into Gudiya Bua’s pussy and I collapsed on top of her.

After some time, I took out my penis from aunt’s pussy and cleaned her pussy by licking it.

Aunt also cleaned my penis by licking it. After that we both wore our clothes. Then after having dinner at their house, I came to my aunt’s house.

I stayed there for about a week. During this period, whenever we got a chance, we would have great sex. Meanwhile, I also fucked Gudiya Bua’s ass once…

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