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I am a very sensual person. Just mention the girl’s name in front of me and my feelings awaken. Well these days my life has become very boring.

It has been 3 years of marriage but no new pussy has been found yet. Fucking my wife’s pussy is no longer as fun as before.
I also talked to one or two girls but the journey to reach their pussy could not be completed.

Well, let it go. For now, let me tell you today’s story. The thing is that just a few days ago I was going from Jaipur to Ahmedabad. I was going by bus.

For my journey, I had booked a lower sleeper seat in a private bus. My bus was at 9 o’clock. Before reaching the bus, I had dinner in a hotel and then went to the bus office. Going there, I started waiting for my bus.

There were many other people outside the bus office who were waiting for the bus. My eyes always stopped at girls everywhere. Here two girls were sitting and talking to each other and my eyes started staring at them.

Looking at the way both of them were talking, it seemed that both were going to travel together in the bus.

There was also a boy with him. Who was younger than both of them. Those girls looked to be 20-22 years old whereas the boy was much younger.

Both the girls were wearing lower and t-shirt. Both of them were looking amazing. Physically normal but one of them was looking very cool. Her boobs and buttocks were looking more prominent. I was looking at both of them with stolen eyes.

Thoughts were coming in my mind that if I get the pussy of one of these two to fuck tonight, then my life will improve a bit. Meanwhile my eyes fell on a third girl.

I found that the girl was looking only at me. He had tied a cloth over his mouth. I sensed his gaze and after some time our eyes started meeting each other. She understood that I was also looking at her.

But there was another man with him also. That’s why the game ended after some time and by then our bus arrived.

The office people said- The bus is parked below the hotel. Everyone go and sit in it.

Everyone started leaving but I stayed there. After that I also started leaving. I saw that the girl with the scarf had also stopped. When I started walking, she also started walking with me. We two were the last ones.

I understood that all three of them were riding the same bus. I thought there was a chance that the stitch would fit. After boarding the bus, the girl with the scarf went with the man to the cabin at the front of the bus. I thought this had gone out of hand.

Now the remaining two butterflies were left. The sleeper seat of both of them was just above my seat. I kept the gate of my seat open for a while in the hope that if there was a girl sitting on the seat, I would make a beeline for her.

But this did not happen. After waiting for a long time, no girl came and in her place a middle-aged man came. It’s time for the bus to leave. The bus left at its scheduled time. I too reluctantly put the gate on my seat and started sleeping.

A twist was yet to come here. The bus stopped at a hotel after an hour. The bus was going to stop there for half an hour. After some time, a man’s voice was heard who was talking with a boy.

His style of talking was such that listening to him it seemed that he was trying to impress the girls. I also thought of opening the gate of my sleeper and seeing what the matter was.

Man-Hello, where are you going?
Boy- Ahmedabad.
Man- Are you Gujarati?
Boy- Yes.
Man: But I cannot hear your voice. Are you alone?
Boy- No, my sister is with me.
Man- Where are you?

Perhaps at that time the girls would be sitting with the sleeper gate open.
They greeted the man and then he started talking to the girls along with the boy.

He started praising him. Girls also started supporting him in his words.
Now I could no longer control myself, so I came out of my sleeper and realized that it was the same man who was in the sleeper in front. He was a slightly fat man. It was clearly written on his face that he was a fucker.

I got up and went out to pee. After urinating, I came back and sat in my sleeper and the bus started again. I was not even able to sleep.

Listening to that man’s words, it seemed that today he will obey at least one or the other of these two girls. Their conversations seemed to be of a very current nature. During our conversation the topic of having some fun came up.

Man- To avoid getting bored while travelling, I talk to everyone. I enjoy doing this a lot.
Girl- Man, everyone is here. I enjoy it more when alone.

The girl indicated by gesture that she also felt like getting her pussy fucked but it would not be possible with all the people present. My penis got erect after listening to that girl.

I was wondering why God didn’t give us such a talent that we can provoke a girl to give us pussy just by talking. That man had wooed the girl within no time.

Gradually their conversations started slowing down as the night was getting darker and the cold was increasing. Everyone started sleeping one by one.

But I was not able to sleep. A curiosity was not even allowing me to lie down peacefully. I was sure that after everyone went to sleep, some scandal was definitely going to happen.

After some time, I heard a sound as if someone was getting down from his sleeper. My heart started pounding just after hearing that voice. The heartbeat had increased. In cases like sex, blood pressure often increases in this way.

I believed that perhaps one or the other of those two girls had come down. I opened the sleeper gate gently without making any noise. I found that a girl was sitting on the seat and the man climbed up.

What was going to happen was clearly visible. Meaning there was going to be sex in the bus.

As soon as he climbed up, the sleeper gate closed. The night was also cold and the weather also wanted to generate some heat.

It didn’t take me long to understand that sex was about to begin in the bus. After some time, much much… puch puch… sounds started coming. They were probably sucking each other’s lips or kissing each other’s bodies.

Now when such sounds were reaching my ears, it was natural for me to get excited. Lund Maharaj started raising his cock in my oar. For some time, I made do with the penis by caressing and massaging it over my lower, but the penis master was adamant on getting me out of the prison of this lower.

At last I also freed my penis from the lower. Excited by the voices of both of them, he took his penis in his hand and started masturbating. The excitement increased to such an extent that I wanted to show the view of the penis to the other girl sitting on the seat in front of that man.

I should call her to my seat by shaking my penis and showing her. But all this was happening in thoughts only. In reality I did not have the courage to do this. So just kept massaging the penis.

After some time, the sounds of Pach-Pach started becoming louder. Perhaps the sleeper had also started moving. There was tremendous sex going on inside the bus. I started imagining in my mind how that man would be enjoying by making that young girl naked.

He must be sucking her fair white breasts tightly. By inserting his dick in her tight pussy, he would be robbing her of the juice of fucking her.

That girl would also be having sex with his penis. She must be enjoying kissing that man and getting fucked by his penis. Wrapping her legs around his buttocks, she would be taking the penis all the way inside.

Because of all these thoughts, I started enjoying masturbating like fucking. The tip of my penis had become completely smooth in my vagina. Due to which masturbating was giving as much pleasure as fucking the pussy.

I couldn’t bear it. Even if you get to watch sex in such a sexy environment, it would be fun. I thought of peeking outside again to see something.

When I opened the gate, the other girl had already installed her gate but the upper gate was slightly open. When I looked up a little, I could see that man’s ass moving.

Her heavy buttocks, which were quite dark, were moving back and forth. He had pressed the girl on his other side. Just by looking at her rhythm, it was clear that he was pushing his penis into her pussy.

Seeing this, I started shaking my penis vigorously. But I could not move my penis by opening the gate like this for a long time because my seat was at the bottom.

So I reinstalled my seat gate. Anyway, I could not see anything else in front of me except that man’s black ass.

After installing the gate, I again started thinking about that other girl. I rubbed my penis for a long time thinking about fucking that girl outside.

The sex continued for a long time even in the upper sleeper. Then suddenly my penis threw its semen and the squirt hit the wall of the sleeper in front.

When I calmed down, I paid attention to the sounds outside. There was no sound outside either. I remained lying down for some time. Everything had become quiet. I opened the door of my sleeper lightly and saw that the man had come to his seat.

That other girl was also not there. I was feeling a burning sensation in my ass after seeing that fat man, that guy got the pleasure of getting fucked in the bus in the middle of the journey. Whereas I had to break my penis with my own hand.

After that I also closed the door of my sleeper and slept. I opened my eyes early in the morning. When I opened the door, the man was not on his seat.

At one point I thought whether the sex had started again. But the daylight had started becoming lighter. There was very little possibility of sex at this time.

Then after some time both those girls and the boy with them appeared. That man was not on the bus. Perhaps he had landed somewhere midway during the night.

Even after reaching Ahmedabad, both of them were girls and he was a boy. I started thinking how naughty these girls are. Got her pussy fucked by some unknown man at night and that too only after being impressed by his words!

The surprising thing was that even when her brother was also with her, she had so much courage that she would take someone’s penis in the middle of the journey. Well, luckily for me neither of those two girls got pussy.

Another thing to think about was that I had slept at night. Who knows, the other one may have also got her pussy fucked by the same man? There were full chances because the second one also knew that the first one was getting her pussy fucked.

Would he not have felt like it? Must have done. In such an environment, everyone wants to wash hands in running water. Surely she too must have got her pussy fucked.

Girls are really very turned on. I get worried just thinking why I am not able to find such active and sexy girls? I wish a similar incident happens with me and I too get a chance to fuck a new pussy. I can also enjoy the pleasure of fucking the pussy of a young and unknown girl.

I have been looking for a new pussy for a long time. By the way, I talked to a girl who looks ready to give pussy very easily. But I am not able to find the right time to make her hot and play with her pussy.

Friends, pray for me that I get a chance to fuck that young girl’s pussy. I also pray for everyone. Boys should get sealed pack pussy fucking and girls should also get long thick cocks in their pussies.

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